The Choosatron Kickstarter is over but you can still check it out!

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Play some of the Choosatron stories in your browser here!

Here is the Kickstarter video which summarizes the project well:

Here is a trailer with more recent enclosure and hardware designs:

I taught the class Interactive Fiction & Game Design with the Choosatron at the Loft Literary Center August, 2013 to kids 12-16. It was awesome!

The Choosatron is an unassuming little box that contains some amazing possibilities. It is an interactive fiction arcade machine that provides players a tangible artifact from their unique journey through one of its stories.

As technology has advanced, so has the way we tell stories. The interactive fiction genre evolved so quickly from text adventures to modern gaming that creatively it has hardly been tapped. The Choosatron is my first step in trying to rediscover the intimate link between author and reader, or more appropriately game designer and player. How will modern writers deal with this lifting of limitations, and the responsibility that comes with it? I hope to find out.

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P.S. Here’s a video of my first Choosatron prototype just after completing it!