You wake to your phone ringing. It's your manager, Carl. "It was MADISON SQUARE GARDEN!! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!"\n\n[[Apologize, explain yourself.|2A]]\n[[Hit "END", go back to sleep.|2B]]\n\n\n
Your band is killing it. The whole of Madison Square Garden is SCREAMING for a third encore. But you've been on tour for fourteen months and you're dead tired. \n\n[[Eff it, let's sleep.|1A]]\n[[Eff it, what's one more song? |1B]]\n
\n[[You play your Top 40 hit.|2C]]\n[[You play an experimental piece.|1A]]\n\n
Even before you land, you realize you've made a terrible mistake. But it's too late, you bleed out in the back of an ambulance as two small town medics unconciously hum your top 40 hit. \n\n**END**
Carl backs down, begs you for forgiveness.\n\n[[Nope. You fire your manager.|4A]]\n[[Apology accepted. Let's move on.|3C]]\n
The next day, your tour bus breaks down in the middle of nowhere. You wander into a local bar to pass the time. You meet your soulmate. \n\n[[You follow your heart, abandon the tour and elope!|4C]]\n[[You use your head instead of your heart and leave without so much as a goodbye hug.|4E]]\n[[You bring your soulmate back to the tour bus.|4G]]\n
Crowds, the press, and other musicians all snub you. Your band dissolves. \n\n[[Take up the banjo.|4B]]\n[[Quit the music industry.|4C]]\n
Carl sues you into the ground. You had millions, now you have nothing.\n\n[[You take up the banjo.|4B]]\n[[You quit the music industy.|4C]]\n
You write "Small Town Soulmate I Left Crying On The Side Of The Road". Everyone agrees, it's your best song yet, but it's so personal you hesitate to play it in public.\n\n[[Expressing your feelings through music is what you do, you play the song at your next concert.|6C]]\n[[This song is sacred, you never play it again.|6D]]\n
No gigs means no cash. The bills pile up and you're far from home.\n\n[[You rebrand and book gigs in small venues.|6A]]\n[[You beg your way back into a cancelled gig.|5A]]\n
You find your Soulmate, but now they're married. Your band moves on without you. Luckily, your soulmate has a twin.\n\n[[Persue a romantic relationship with the twin.|8D]]\n[[Hitch hike back to your hometown.|8E]]
30,000? Try 30. Your first arena show is actually cancelled in the middle of the show. You fall into a deep depression. \n\n[[Get a therapist.|7B]]\n[[Write a song about it.|8C]]\n\n
You sort through your issues and accept reality. After a show, you meet the most amazing person. You get married, make some babies and live simply. \n\n[[You stay local, play what you want and don't make much.|8A]]\n[[You tire of poverty and call an old industry contact. |8B]]\n\n
You continue to work small rooms and struggle to make the bills. As you age you realize you have almost nothing tangible to show for your hard work. \n\n[[Stick with music, it's what you know.|6B]]\n[[Admit defeat, quit music.|4C]]\n
"Not so fast!" says the town sheriff. You're arrested for "disturbin' the peace" and put in small town jail. You can't handle the stress because you're an artist-type. During the night, you die of fright. Your life story inspires a terrible reality show called "Twin Switch"\n\n**END**
You are run out of town. You find yourself in the middle of nowhere with no supplies. You find and eat some berries and drink some stagnant water. You die of Dysentery. \n\n**END**
Rockstardom Rules?
The PB&J gives you mush mouth, no one can understand you. Sound check goes terribly. \n\n[[Eff it, you've barely eaten. You make another PB&J|4D]]\n[[You use mouthwash and do extra vocal warm ups|2C]]\n
Carl takes your apology as an admission of guilt and threatens to sue.\n\n[[It's an empty threat, you hang up.|3A]]\n[[You threaten back - "Sue and I quit"|3B]]\n
You eventually wake up to 30 missed calls. Soudcheck's in 20 minutes. \n\n[[You call Carl back and apologize.|2A]]\n[[Meh, you make a PB&J|3D]]\n
The crowd goes nuts. Album sales go through the roof. Somehow, you still feel empty inside.\n\n[[Ignore it. Money fills empty spaces.|3C]]\n[[You decide to "find yourself" and take up the banjo.|4B]]\n
The band turns on you. You're kicked out and have no where to turn.\n\n[[You take up the banjo.|4B]]\n[[You quit the music industry.|4C]]\n
Your band is less than understanding. They give you an ultimatum. Either you leave "yoko" behind, or you are out of the band.\n\n[[You leave your soulmate crying by the side of the road.|5C]]\n[[You quit the band and follow your heart.|4C]]\n
The crowd turns on you, it's the worst. The next day, every headline is about how craptacular you are. Your bandmates fire you. \n\n[[Eff those guys! You take up the banjo.|4B]]\n[[Quit the music industry.|4C]]\n
With the bus fixed, you're back on the road, but you're nagged by a feeling of "what if?"\n\n[[You jump out of a bus window to find your love!|5E]]\n[[You stifle it and turn your angst into a song.|5C]]\n
Turns out you're awesome at banjo! Almost instantly you're a banjo master. After an open mic, you get an offer to hit the road and play cool small venues. \n\n[[Stay put, you're finally artistically satisfied.|6B]]\n[[Take it, you hit the road again.|6A]]\n
Luckily you have awesome "life skills". You get a 9 to 5 job, healthy salary, buy a house, marry your soulmate and live in obscure bliss. You die of old age, your final words are "What if I had followed my dreams!?" \n\n***THE END***
Suddenly you're in charge of booking and promoting your newly independent band. Currently you have three weeks of concert dates in arenas around the country. \n\n[[You blow them off. You're indie now!!|5B]]\n[[You do the shows, but mostly just "jam"|5A]]\n
Your new sound tears up the indie band circuit. Crowds adore you, you're artistically satisfied. But you're barely breaking even. A big time record exec offers to put you back in arenas.\n\n[[Tell him to eff himself, you're not into that corporate BS anymore!|7A]]\n[[Take the offer, 30,000 screaming fans again sounds nice.|7C]]\n
[[You stay local, play what you want and don't make much.|8A]]\n[[You tire of poverty and call an old industry contact.|8B]]\n
The song blows up beyond belief, the world adores you. But, you are nagged by a desire to try to find your soulmate. \n\n[[Pause the tour to search for your soulmate.|7D]]\n[[Ignore your feelings, play the next show.|6D]]\n
You're never the same. The band's success wanes. You move back home, play local bars and battle depression. \n\n[[Get a therapist.|7B]]\n[[Give it one last shot, you call an old industry contact.|8B]]\n\n
Your industry contact doesn't remember you. You're distraught. Luckily, you can still write your feelings into great music. Your song "I Got Rejected By My Industry Contact" is posthumously released, becomes an instant classic and is adored for generations.\n\n**END**
Your song "I'm Depressed About My Career's Decline" reaches its apex when it's played on a local college radio station once. You swear off music, head off on a backpacking trip in the Himalayas and are never heard from again. \n\n**END**\n
You're broke and old, but happy. Your first social security check arrives and you spend it on a banjo for your first grandchild. You live long enough to hear them nail their first recital.\n\n**END**\n
"ARE YOU SERIOUS!?" Shouts your soulmate's twin when you ask them out. "TELL ME YOU'RE NOT SERIOUS!!"\n\n[[You're serious as a heart attack.|9B]]\n[[You shout "GOTCHA!" and run away.|9C]]
You're picked up by the most amazing person you've ever met. You hit it off immediately. Before you know it, you're married with kids and a house. You switch to writing children's music. You live a long life and die happy, but not before writing the most popular kid's song of all time "Boogers Make The Best Best Friends".\n\n**END**
Tom Reed