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Why is that? What is wrong with me? Have I not been arting enough?\n\n[[Wait, arting isn't a word.|2A]]\n[[That's it, I'm going to art something FIERCE|2B]]\n
Wandering the gallery, thinking to yourself. Art, art, art...artists looking at art, wanting to talk about the art they think should be there instead of the art that is. GOD.\n\n[[Boy I've been cynical lately.|1A]]\n[[I want to PUNCH the art!|1B]]\n
*CRACK* OWE!! MUTHER@#*$ing bronze statue! Why couldn't I have been passing a triptic dissecting the philosophy of cushion softness?!?\n\n[[I should find some ice.|2C]]\n[[Maybe the pain is GOOD.|2D]]\n
Oh yeah! *long scribbles of black* Done! The perfect likeness of the black guys severed arm. Just a touch more red for the blood...\n\n[[I need an artist's statement.|4D]]\n[[I need to price it.|4E]]\n
*SMACK* *POW* *ZOOM* Right in the kisser! Man, those thick rimmed glasses HURT though! Ok...after taking their pelts I should have enough flannels for the rest of the winter. I better get all this into my Ford Escort Hatchback and get home.
Ugh...that's right, the doctor told me something. If the cynicism doesn't get me, the internal dialogue will. I better take my medication.\n\n[[The red pill.|4A]]\n[[The blue pill.|4B]]\n
Hmm? What's that? Oh...this isn't the MIA. Your horse isn't even ceramic! A cop on a horse? Oh. No, yeah, it was a vitamin. Yes I'll stop hugging you. Wait, I still have my vitamin. It was extacy then.
Oh, there's a bunch on the other side. *krcssssshhh* Ah...tastes like hard work I didn't have to do. I'll have a couple more...zzzzzzzzzzzz.....
Unf! Ok! Got up here. Wow. This is cool! Nice horsey...*pet pet*. Huh? Why is it starting to glow?? OH. MY. GOD. It's a MAGIC HORSE! *naaaay!* I love you warrior horse! Com'on, let's ride! *clompity clompity clomp, into the sunset*
Ok, *huuuuug* and my phone...ready, and *click-slip-SMASH* OWE! Oh, oh damn. I killed him! Huh, cool photo though...lemme quick tweet that. Done! Ok...oh SHIT!!! Ok, what would Theo Huxtable do? Oh yeah! Heh, I even keep super glue on me!\n\n...time passes...\n\nPhew! Took all night, but I think he looks pretty good! I better get going, unemployment won't file itself!
NNNGGH! There. *CRASH-SHATTER* Whoa. I better hide.\n\n[[Continue|4C]]\n
Another Day at the MIA
Ok here we go. *large swirls of red, organge, and yellow* There! The exhaust from a shuttle launch. Huh, even as a still frame it moves about as fast as the film.\n\n[[I need to price it.|4E]]\n[[I need an artist's statement.|4D]]\n
Art is pain right? Or at least, comes from it. Kind of like charging your power meter in video games! I need POWER.\n\n[[Some hipsters over there!|3B]]\n[[Maybe the warriors can come out and play. *clink, clink*|4C]]\n
But, why not? I CREATED it. I just MADE an art! Heh...these posers are looking at art, I'm making it, in my HEAD!\n\n[[I'm getting a headache...|3A]]\n[[I need to prove it somehow.|2D]]\n
YES! I still have the crayons in my pocket from Denny's! Looks like a blank spot on the wall over there...but what to art. I need inspiration. What was the last movie I watched?\n\n[[Jurassic Park|3C]]\n[[Koyaanisqatsi|3D]]\n
I'll just lean on this ice sculpture. Ah...yes. What is this of anyway? Oh #$@% no, a giant ice PBR can? Ok, calm down. The doc said if I don't get my cynicism under control it'll get to my lymph nodes, and then I'm DONE. *sigh*\n\n[[Feels loose...|3E]]\n[[I think I need a beer.|3F]]\n
Ok, *scrawling...* I ARTED HERE, MOVE ALONG. Nice. I think it expresses it nicely. Huh? Closing! Stupid. Maybe I can come back tomorrow.
Let's see...I would say this is worth me not having to get a job...so $209,100.13. *tap tap* Yeah? Huh? Yeah, it's mine. Really? Oh, well, I'm afraid I don't take checks. Yeah, sorry. Look, I gotta go.
The extacy will probably calm me down. Hmm..mmm. Art is soft, didn't realize that before. I'm gonna hug *this* guy for a while.\n\n[[You're cute, and ceramic.|5B]]\n[[Nice horse warrior.|5A]]\n
I know, back around this way...yes! The Terracotta warriors!\n\n[[Ride one of the horses.|5C]]\n[[Take a photo with a warrior.|5B]]\n
Eh, vitamins are always good. Huh? Awe, they're closing. I barely got to see ANY arts!
by Jerry Belich\n[[@choosatron|http://twitter.com/choosatron]]