IGF 2014 Submission

Greetings Judges!

As you know from the Choosatron submission, it isn’t something that can be played the standard way. In order to allow you some form of play, some of the stories written by our team that are available to play on the Choosatron are also playable on the web, here.

Please watch at least a few of the videos included with the submission first, so the aesthetic behind play is understood before proceeding.

The Spy Who Killed Me – [PG-13] – It’s your first day on the job as a henchmen for the latest bond-esque villain! Of course, your timing could be better as an international man of mystery invades your masters lair just as you finish new hire orientation. Includes over 25 ways to die!

Slugfest – [G] – After a spring rain your garden looks beautiful. Is it time for a slug hunt? I think you know it is. A story for kids!

The Chandos – [PG] – This story was written in London a few hours before going to the pub of the same name to demonstrate the Choosatron. You play the role of an attendee of the event in this oddly meta meet-up.

Another Day at the MIA – [PG] – This story was written in 45 minutes for an art gallery event with the Choosatron. Step into the mind of a slightly deranged Minnesota Institute of Art patron as they wander the gallery.

The Librarian’s Apprentice – [PG] – Step into the Lovecraftian world of being a librarian’s apprentice! Untold horror awaits…

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