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Here is a selection of stories written for the Choosatron, playable online! I’ve done my best to indicate what audience each is appropriate for using the movie rating system.

Jerry Belich – @choosatron

The Spy Who Killed Me – [PG-13] – It’s your first day on the job as a henchmen for the latest bond-esque villain! Of course, your timing could be better as an international man of mystery invades your masters lair just as you finish new hire orientation. Written for High Charity to raise money for kids, this tale includes over 25 ways to die!

Thanksgiving of Despair – [G] – The first Choosatron story, written to test the software & hardware against. You ride with your fiance to Iowa for Thanksgiving, hoping your first meeting with the whole family doesn’t go awry.

Another Day at the MIA – [PG] – This story was written, in 45 minutes one hour ahead of time, for an MIA Third Thursday event with Paper Darts. Step into the mind of a slightly deranged MIA patron as they wander the gallery.

The Chandos – [PG] – This story was written in London a few hours before going to the pub of the same name to demonstrate the Choosatron. You play the role of an attendee of the event in this oddly meta-meetup.

Robert Valentine – @robvalentine80

The Librarian’s Apprentice – [PG] – Step into the Lovecraftian world of being a librarian’s apprentice! Untold horror awaits…

Rob Callahan – @robcallahan

Gauche Criminal – [PG] – How unfair does life have to be before we distrust the system enough to break its laws? Find out.

Wes Burdine

John Stamos – [R] – A man that has defined generations with his groundbreaking acting career and legendary collaborations with The Beach Boys. *cough*. But where is he now?

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